Solution for flooding

Preventing floods is a key factor in minimizing material damage.
Floods are a major
for the populations that suffer from them. In these episodes, time is of the essence.
That’s why at LCF we are working constantly to offer you the most innovative solution for flooding.

Solutions for individuals

We have all types of solutions for individuals for protecting all types of doorways and windows in houses and other buildings. We offer a wide variety of adaptable systems to give you the best anti-flooding solution.


Small doorways

We have a wide range of solutions to protect small openings in your house. What they all have in common is how convenient and easy they are to install.


Large doorways

Our barriers can protect large doorways and garages, always guaranteeing total reliability and easy installation.


Full protection

Our full protection barriers provide complete protection of doors and windows. Their main feature is a rubber strip around the perimeter of the barrier to guarantee a perfect seal.

Solutions for industry and businesses

We have all types of solutions for industry and businesses, for protecting all types of doorways and windows. We offer a wide variety of adaptable systems to give you the best anti-flooding solution.


Small doorways

We have barriers designed to protect small doorways in industry and businesses. They are very convenient and easy to install.


Large doorways

We have large barriers designed to protect large doorways and vehicle entrances.


For businesses

We have a system designed to couple with motorized shades on businesses for continuous protection and maximum convenience.


For large stores and shopping centers

We have systems design to contain floods in open spaces that require an extensive containment line.

Solutions for the construction sector

We have all types of solutions for the construction sector, where water must sometimes be contained on very irregular terrain.


Large check dams

We have large systems designed to contain water in open areas and on irregular terrain. They are also designed to be installed outdoors for long periods of time.


Redirection of flash floods

We have systems designed to redirect moving water like flash floods and flood waters in open surfaces. They are fast and easy to install, ensuring an effective response in the event of emergency.



We have a system designed for building permanent levees on open surfaces. They may remain in place for long periods of time They are fast and easy to install.

Solutions for civil protection and other services

We have all types of solutions for civil protection and similar services, for redirecting flash floods, protection in open areas and for monuments or buildings in general.

Benefits of the flood protection systems

LCF Technologies is theofficial representative of Acquastop in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. . We have an expanding network of distributors that allows us to offer the option to install barriers in customers’ homes, if necessary.

The Acquastop anti-flooding barriers are the best solution for protecting urban areas and public places. These anti-flooding barriers are designed to guarantee maximum water contention as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Their great adaptability lets us secureeverything from doorways or windows to large flood-prone areas, by creating long protective fronts consisting of barriers connected to each other with removable pins.

Distributors of Acquastop anti-flooding barriers

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JULIÁN MORENO – Barreras para el agua
Zone: Castellón, Valencia and Alicante
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