Fast and efficient retention of polluting liquids

LCF TECHNOLOGIES containment bumps are designed to contain industrial liquid pollutants in situations of compliance with regulations for the Storage of Chemical Products (APQ) and other environmental standards.


What is a containment bumps?

A containment bumps is a metal structure that is permanently attached to the floor across the width of a pedestrian door that prevents any spill or leakage of hazardous products from affecting other areas of the warehouse or site.

Because they are permanently attached to the floor, no operation or action is necessary.

What are its benefits?

  • Fast, easy and safe installation. These containment bumps are simple to install in just a few minutes by the customer. They have an anti-slip surface to prevent falls in the doorway where they are installed.
  • Robust structure. They are made from steel and designed to withstand heavy loads and stresses. No maintenance is required
  • Waterproof structure It is fully impermeable to water and chemical products And it has a high retention capacity.